About Us

About Us
Our story began two years ago; I was a new mom balancing my newfound purpose in life, while
at the same time I wanted to keep a fresh sense of style. I found it totally frustrating that I
couldn’t find a nursing and pump bra that was comfortable and elegant at the same time!
White Dahlias is the first of its kind in the Philippines. We create exceptional designs in the
nursing apparel landscape that showcase the true beauty of mothers who give their all to their
young ones.
Like the white dahlia flower itself, which symbolizes a bond that lasts forever, breastfeeding
creates that pure bond between you and your child. With our nursing bras, you are no longer
limited to a utilitarian style. We craft pieces that celebrate motherhood in the chicest way.
A confident momma is a nurturing one, which is why our pieces symbolize you taking on your
best role yet: as a mother ready for the breastfeeding journey.